Our clients often have the capability to transform raw research data into usable information but find their resources can be better spent analyzing data.

Jackman & Associates can take your raw survey files, clean them up, create additional variables and turn them into final datasets ready for analysis and easily available to you for future use. We provide all code used in the process – complete with instructional comments.

Because of our knowledge of efficient techniques and experience with syntax development, tabulations can often be done in a fraction of the time normally required by an analyst. This results in a substantial increase in productivity – a necessity given the resource constraints of today.

SPSS Support includes

  • Loading data into SPSS from virtually any source
  • Creating all variable and value labels
  • Computing custom variables for such things a segmentation or group composition
  • Creation of “Custom Tables” syntax for complex tabulations
  • Creation of formatted Excel tables of tabulation output
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