Through automation, Jackman & Associates can dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend producing labor intensive reports. This typically involves automating data acquisition, storing the data in an easily accessible structure and developing a user-friendly front-end application for retrieving that data in a customizable report.

In one situation we recently took over, a client’s reporting time dropped from 14 hours of gathering and summarizing data to only 15 minutes. The key is in the removal of extremely time-consuming manual tasks often carried out by analysts in Excel or Word. By allowing the computer to handle these tasks, the reporting process can be virtually instantaneous and your valuable time is freed up to be productive in other areas.

Before they come to us, many clients feel they are already as efficient as possible without realizing the time they could be saving. This is why it’s worth a call to discuss your reporting needs with one of our automation specialist.

Services include

  • Review of current processes
  • Identification of opportuntites for significant time improvement
  • Process brainstorming
  • Automation process/application development
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